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Audit Consulting Group «Vash Sovetnik» from the very beginning directed its efforts toward creating of professional consulting sphere for large-scale and middle business.
ACG «Vash Sovetnik» has been offering its Audit and Consulting Services since 1997.
We started working under united brand «Vash Sovetnik» in April, 2004.
This date is considered to be a new period for the company, it concerned not only the brand, but company’s restructuring, founding new business activities (Training Center, Recruitment Agency, Business-Brokerage), introduction new Quality Standards (Audit Standards, Quality Control Standards).
Since 2016 the audit group «Vash Sovetnik» (№ ORNZ 11606068708) is a memder of the self-regulatory organization of auditors «Sodruzhestvo». We conduct audits in accordance with International Auditing Standards, the Code of Ethics for Auditors, and the Rules of Independence.
Our personnel have successfully realized projects and the professional reputation, many of them worked in sphere of finance, legal sphere and sphere of management.
Year after year we tried to improve and extend our services for our customers to be sure their business runs safely and smoothly.
Our customers are given effective solutions which will allow them to:
— do business effectively in new economical situation;
— reduce costs;
— minimize tax outgoing;
— develop new trends-increase business efficiency;
— have investment;
— manage their business effectively;
— have the advantage over business rivals and achieve progress in the market.
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